Yucaipa Haunts, fact or fiction?

Yucaipa is a strikingly beautiful town with lots of haunted locations. From Pendleton Road to the Oak Glen School House, Yucaipa High School and Oak Glen Road, just to name a few.

Locals say that a young woman wearing a piercing red dress can be seen walking down Pendleton Road. The street is uneven, filled with potholes, tall trees and darkness.

Legend says in the 1950’s, the woman was on her way to an event, totaled her vehicle and she was critically injured. With no one around, all alone and no one in sight to help, the woman dragged herself out of her vehicle and crawled to her untimely death. They say police found the woman’s body half a mile away from the totaled vehicle on Pendleton Road.

Reports of feeling uneasy, disembodied voices, being watched, and even being touched, have been claimed by numerous locals who have walked through or driven down Pendleton Road.

Legend says, a woman in a red dress haunts Pendleton Road, in Yucaipa.

The Oak Glen School House is deemed to be haunted as well. The school house was built in 1927 and many locals who have visited it say they feel a presence and believe it to be haunted.

“When I was a kid, if you came to the school late at night and knocked on the door three times it would knock back. I experienced it one time,” said Yucaipa resident Kassidy Morgan-Gravley.

The Oak Glen School House is said to be haunted and full of demons. 

Rolling Hills in Yucaipa is also a spirit hot spot. People claim that the location is an old Native American burial ground.

“I lived in Rolling Hills for two years and we experienced unusual noises, lights turned on and off, the downstairs television would randomly turn on in the middle of the night with the volume on full blast,” said Rolling Hills resident Marlene Montez. “My husband said it was probably the neighbors’ remote control or electrical wiring, but I feel otherwise. Our small dog would often bark in the hallway towards an empty bedroom and it would scare the hell out of me.”

One Rolling Hills resident claimed that she has lived in two different houses in the community and experienced paranormal activity in both homes.

Gravity Hill, in nearby Cherry Valley, is also another much talked about haunted location on Oak Glen Road.

“One evening I had just got done off roading. I had’t got out of my jeep at all. I went to go try Gravity Hill. I didn’t start rolling backwards, but it did stop my jeep on the hill. Later, I got out and there were some clean spots on my front bumper. It didn’t look like hand prints but it looked like something had been pushed up against my muddy bumper,” said Larry Alms, Yucaipa local.

Many claim there’s a scientific gravity phenomenon, others claim that a group of teens killed at this location in the road due to a curse put on the road by an evil witch who lived nearby. They say the car rolls uphill because the dead teens push cars out of harm’s way.

According to locals, another haunted location is Bryant Street.

“My friends told me about a lady in a white dress late one night walking down Bryant towards the ranger station they looked back and she was gone,” said Shellie Miller.

Another local, Abrezzy Huezo, said, “My friends drove and showed me a lady that walks up Bryant Street, it was crazy.”

Others have also claimed to see the woman in a long white dress at Flag Hill Park.

Lastly, Yucaipa High School is also known for its fair share of paranormal shenanigans.

For years, many have claimed to hear noises, feel an uneasy presence and felt as if they were being watched when no one else was around at Yucaipa High School. The only possible evidence uncovered on why YHS may be haunted is because a man hung himself on a tree, between the wood shop and auto shop in the back of the school.

According to a Yucaipa/Calimesa News Mirror article dated Aug. 31, 2005, YHS staff, as well as one student, discovered the body of a man who had apparently hung himself in the area of the school’s agriculture department.

A custodian dumping trash found the body of a 33 year old male, former YHS student and Yucaipa resident, at around 6 a.m. hanging from a utility shed rafter. Teacher Jim Clendaniel was among one of the first people on the scene and contacted law enforcement officials immediately.

These are some of Yucaipa’s alleged haunted locations. Fact or fiction? Check them out this Halloween season, only if you dare!

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